DXplain, a decision support system developed at the Laboratory of Computer Science at the Massachusetts General Hospital, has the characteristics of both an electronic medical textbook and a medical reference system. In its reference or case analysis mode, DXplain accepts a set of clinical findings (signs, symptoms, laboratory data) to produce a ranked list of diagnoses which might explain (or be associated with) the clinical manifestations. DXplain provides justification for why each of these diseases might be considered, suggests what further clinical information would be useful to collect for each disease, and lists what clinical manifestations, if any, would be unusual or atypical for each of the specific diseases.

Clinical Decision Support Closes Medical Evidence Gap

Best practice data is available for most healthcare decisions, but health IT teams are doing a lousy job of getting it to doctors, says Ascension Health informatics chief.

By Neil Versel  InformationWeek
September 08, 2011 12:45 PM
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Slideshow: 12 Innovative Mobile Healthcare Apps

If Meaningful Use of electronic health records is ever going to fulfill its promise of better care at lower cost, clinical decision support (CDS) systems had better play a central role delivering relevant medical evidence to the point of care, according to one veteran informatics physician and patient safety advocate.

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Spring blog follow

Spring MVC: from JSP and Tiles to Thymeleaf

Posted on October 30th, 2012 by Michael Isvy in Spring, Web.

Michael Isvy

When it comes to the view layer, Spring @MVC gives you a variety of choices. In this article, we will first discuss the way you have most likely used the view layer in the past few years: JSP. We will see the bad and better ways to work with them (plain JSP, JSP with custom tags, Apache Tiles).

We will then discuss a new project called Thymeleaf, which you can use as an alternate approach to JSP.

As usual, you can find all the code samples discussed in the corresponding application on github.

Tomcat Expert: Use Spring Insight Developer to Analyze Code, Install it with Tomcat, and Extend it with Plugins

Submitted by Pieter Humphrey on Fri, 2012-12-07 15:39

Did you know Springsource offers a free code trace / analysis tool with a large ecosystem of plugins, and is now extensible beyond Java? People are still discovering the benefits of the free tool from VMware SpringSource, called Spring Insight Developer . The Tomcat Expert blog provides an short explanation of what Spring Insight Developer does, how to set it up with Apache Tomcat , and an example of available plugins.

Learn more at the TomcatExpert Blog and experience faster, easier troubleshooting!


Spring Insight Development


The Spring Insight Development Kit is a bundle which contains the source code for many of Insight’s plugins. They are licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0 and a great place to start when writing your own plugin.

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JCR + Spring


Apache Jackrabbit Examples

Spring Configuration

You can create a Repository reference in Spring in multiple ways, but here’s one that uses the RepositoryImpl class:

    <bean id="repository">
        <constructor-arg index="0" ref="config" />
    <bean id="config" factory-method="create">
        <constructor-arg index="0" value="./repository.xml"/>
        <constructor-arg index="1" value="." />

This will create a repository in the current directory, using ./repository.xml as the configuration file. This isn’t as complete as se-jcr will be (hopefully) but this does work with Spring 3.0 and JackRabbit 2.0.

Integrating Java Content Repository and Spring

Posted by Costin Leau on Mar 12, 2007

JCR module

Part of Spring Modules, JCR module’s main objective is to simplify development with the JSR-170 API in a similar manner to that of the ORM package from the main Spring distribution. Features include:

  • JcrTemplate which allows execution of JcrCallback and exception handling (transforming checked JCR exceptions into unchecked Spring DAO exceptions). The template implements most of the methods from the JCR Session and can be easily used as a replacement. Moreover the template is aware of thread-bound sessions which can be used across several methods, functionality very useful when using a transactional repository.
  • RepositoryFactoryBean which configures, starts and stops the repository instances. As the JSR-170 doesn’t address the way the repository should be configured, implementations vary in this regard. The support contains predefined FactoryBeans for Jackrabbit and Jeceira and an abstract base class which can easily support other repositories.
  • SessionFactory which unifies the Repository,Credentials and Workspace interfaces and allows automatic registration of listeners and custom namespaces.
  • Spring declarative transactional support for repositories that implement the (optional) transactional feature.
  • OpenSessionInView interceptor and filter which allow the usage of the same session per thread across different components. Along with JcrTemplate, the retrieval, closure and management of the JCR session is externalized and totally transparent to the caller.

For this article, the reference implementation (Jackrabbit) will be used however, since the JCR module is using the javax.jcr interfaces changing the implementation is just a matter of configuration. Let’s see step by step how to use Java Content Repository on top of Jackrabbit and how Spring Modules can help.

Spring Extension JCR JSR standard support

The standard support works only with the JSR-170 API (represented by javax.jcr package) without making any use of specific features of the implementations (which we will discuss later).

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JSR 283

JSR 283 Spec Download

JSR-283 API JavaDoc

JCR v2.0 Specification (HTML version)
Content Repository for Java Technology API Specification (JSR-283)

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Clinical decision tools help emergency rooms reduce drug errors : Сайт якраз для мене

Study shows need to establish standard practices for CDS

Author Name Kyle Murphy, PhD   |   Date June 15, 2012

Clinical decision tools help emergency rooms reduce drug errors

Author Name Jennifer Bresnick   |   Date November 30, 2012   |   Tagged ,
OpenCDS is a multi-institutional, collaborative effort to develop open-source, standards-based clinical decision support (CDS) tools and resources that can be widely adopted to enable CDS at scale.
Ще один сайт якраз для мене

Home | Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

US federal agency which administers Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Provides information for health professionals,

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How do I deploy Jackrabbit into Tomcat?

  • Download jcr-1.0.jar and put it into <tomcat-install-dir>/shared/lib.
  • or better  jcr-2.0.jar put into <tomcat-install-dir>/lib
  • Get the WAR distribution from the Downloads page and deploy it into Tomcat.
  • Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/jackrabbit-webapp-<version>/

for: http://localhost:8080/jackrabbit-webapp-2.4.3/repository/default/

web.xml: <param-value>anonymous:anonymous</param-value>

jackrabbit Wiki WebDAV, Outsource Start jackrabbit webdav server projects!

Commonwealth Hematology-Oncology

A re-brand for the largest private practice cancer care group in Massachusetts. Jackrabbit is on the case.

We’re the premier private practice cancer care network in New England.

Since its founding in 1996, Commonwealth Hematology-Oncology (CHO) has grown into the largest community-based cancer care program in New England. Today, 22 experienced CHO physicians provide care at 11 offices throughout central and Eastern Massachusetts. We treat more than 7,000 new patients every year across our practice and are affiliated with 14 hospitals.

NxStage / NxStage

NxStage Medical is not your typical medical products company. And they needed a less-than-typical design firm.

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Adobe Day / Adobe CQ

Download and Start Working

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